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Focus on… Our favourite packs from the end of September

Let’s have a look at some of our favourite packs from the end of September. These designs and packs are all thanks to the brands and designers and their outstanding work.

L’Art & La Matière’s line of exquisite plates has reached new heights by embodying Guerlain’s creative daring attention to detail and respect for ancestral savoir-faire. This design reflects Maison Guerlain’s longstanding support of French craftmanship.

Designed by artisans with long-standing connections to the Maison, L’Art and La Matière’s collection of limited-edition plates incorporates a straw marquetry plate made by Lison de Caunes. This consists of a hand-stitched embroidered Guerlain bee by Atelier Bizet, an extravagant design made from natural mother-of-pearl, and two pieces of jewellery by Atelier Truscelli. 

Rémy Cointreau’s cognac LOUIS XIII and its ultra-rare red decanter N°XIII.

Each bottle is individually engraved with a unique number, the red decanters N°XIII bring to life a new tasting ritual, enabling the LOUIS XIII cognac to take a step further towards exception and rarity. The striking handmade decanters require a secret process with the addition of gold.

This pack is a celebration of nightlife and celebrates the savoir-faire of Saint Louis, the oldest glass manufacturer in Europe.

Backbone Branding has proved it is possible to transmit the limitless architecture to a limited bottle with their new wine packaging design “Nine”.

The designers took a form and filled it with real concrete, then got an architectural structure and put it on a cylinder-form bottle. The concrete construction that ascends from the bottle not only has design purpose but also helps to hold the bottle in a horizontal position, which is essential for the wine reserve.

They intentionally missed the hot cup on the bottle to make the cork visible which simulates the outline of the logo construction on the bottle.

This resulted in a tremendous visual and psychological expression.

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