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Focus on… Our favourite packs from September

Let’s have a look at some of our favourite packs from September. These designs and packs are all thanks to the brands and designers and their outstanding work.

Creative Carbon Studio has designed a fascinating innovative pack for Royal 1707 London Dry Gin.

The bottle is created in 3D, using a modelling technique based on element manipulation through mathematical calculations. In this technique vertices, edges or polygons are moved or resized in arithmetic or geometric progression. This resulted in a visual pattern which in this case is a unique fractal design which values the shape of the bottle as the light passes through it.

This iconic and eye-catching bottle is an exclusive signature of the product, completing the enigmatic and inviting look of the product. 

Vishal Vora Sol Benito has designed this striking pack for Clio Perfume.

The entire design exercise was to create a visual language for effective packaging that could build a powerful story. Inspired by Islamic architecture, Clio is an enigmatic poetry crafted in a bottle that tells the story of femininity, elegance, and beauty.

According to the designer, “We took the flower as a mnemonic and crafted cylindrical product with a floral pattern lattice of aluminium as an oversized cap. The concept emphasises rich and modern charm resulting in an intriguing object of design for women”.

The Good Tone Collection is a series of wines from the Ukrainian producer Bolgrad that comes in their exclusive bottle. The bottle has a peculiar feature, namely, a concavity in the form of a hand holding the bottle. As a result, the bottle fits comfortably in your hand.

Shumi Love Design designed the cap and the label and further highlighted the uniqueness of the bottle by emphasizing the hand outline.

Special art paper, a tactile varnish, foil stamping, and embossing were used to create the label. The agency added tactile effects that are not only visible from a distance, but also feel great to the touch when the consumer takes the bottle in their hands.

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