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Design Case Study | Sea-inspired Gin by Chad Michael Studio: a captivating bottle with a story

Pacific House Gin has called upon Chad Michael Studio to create a small batch California Gin that is captivating, crafted, and most importantly – tells a story. Find out how this was achieved in our exclusive design case study below.

Tell us a bit about the brand – its heritage, its story, and its markets – and the brief for this project. How does the design express the brand’s values? 

Chad Michael Studio is a studio built upon the belief that the designer should be equally as passionate about the project as the client. Every design goes through an extensive, internal process to ensure that each aspect of the work is captivating, crafted, and most importantly – tells a story.

How does the design express the brand’s values? What inspired the design?

Pacific House Gin tapped us to dive deep and develop their new, opulent sea-inspired Gin. The Gin itself is made using only local botanicals which capture the lush and diverse essence of the Pacific Ocean’s coastline. The goal with the design was to reflect that essence. We wanted the pack to exude a clean, vibrant, and fresh feeling.

What is innovative or unusual about the pack?

The Gin is housed in an eight-sided, custom glass bottle whose structure was inspired by the octopus. The neck of the bottle possesses a twist so as the liquid leaves the bottle it rolls out like a small wave crashing against the ocean’s shore. The bottle is topped with an engraved wood closure that features the brand’s iconic mark which cleverly force connects the imagery of the arms of an octopus with a nautical compass.

What technical challenges did you need to overcome to manufacture this pack?

 The primary challenge was the 8-sided bottle versus the labelling application. The design does not lend itself to be labelled on a machined bottling line so each label has to be hand applied. The client felt that it was worth the extra work to do so, and we agree. 

What reactions have you had from consumers?

The reactions have been more than we expected. The consumers seem too highly appreciate and be drawn to the range of coloured glass. One consumer stated it looked like “the jewel of the ocean”. 

Agency: Chad Michael Studio

Product: Pacific House Gin

Brand Owner: GBSC, San Francisco, CA.

Launch date: July 2021

Launch country: USA

Chad Makerson Michael

Chad Makerson Michael – Proprietor & Designer

Connect with Chad Michael Studio:

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