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UK aluminium packaging recycling rates continue to rise

Recycling rates for aluminium packaging in the UK continue to increase with current numbers showing a 5% quarterly increase compared to the same period in 2020.

84,704 tonnes have been collected so far this year, compared to the 7,650 tonnes collected from January to June 2020, with over 59,000 tonnes collected through kerbside.

“In 2020, the UK reached its highest ever rate for aluminium packaging recycling (68%), including an impressive 82% for aluminium beverage cans” says Tom Giddings, general manager of Alupro.

Food and drink cans, foil, aerosols etc. are examples of aluminium packaging collected. Alupro advises consumers to apply the ‘scrunch test’ to determine whether packaging is made of aluminium foil: if the package remains crumpled, it is most likely made of aluminium foil.

Read the full article to find out: 

  • Why aluminium recycling has increased
  • How the UK will achieve their 100% aluminium recycling goal.

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