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Regulatory and safety challenges of a sustainable packaging

Recyclability, biodegradability, composability, and the utilisation of bio-sourced materials produced from renewable sources have been the focus on recent innovative packaging developments. 

Multiple drivers are pushing sustainability trends, starting with individual customers being more eco-conscious, as well as brands seeking to be more forward thinking and focused on the three R’s: reduce, reuse recycle.

Making sure packaging is safe for both humans and the environment is the most difficult step when creating and selecting the correct packaging. 

Beauty brands and packaging suppliers are rising to the challenge of creating packaging that is first and foremost safe, and then avoids reusing or recycling harmful materials. PCR materials (PP, PE, PET), glass and carton board are all seeing a boost in recycling awareness and are being investigated by regulators. 

Read the full article to discover: 

  • How to assess the safety of packaging 
  • Quality control and risk assessment management procedures 

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