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Arcade Beauty develops all-PE eco-refills for L’Oréal

Arcade Beauty has developed its first all-PE eco-refill pouch for L’Oréal Paris shampoos, which are designed to be recyclable once the infrastructure is in place.

The L’Oréal Paris shampoos come as a PE refill, which is lighter than a plastic bottle in what is said to be a first for the group.

To develop the products, the brand wanted a refill with a low environmental impact; in response, Arcade Beauty created a 3D Pouch in 100% PE for which L’Oréal can claim a material saving of 75% compared with two 250ml shampoo bottles.

The eco-refill can be recycled in soft PE recycling channels where collection, sorting and recycling infrastructures exist locally.

The leak-proof 3D Pouch pack can come with a flip-top or screw cap and – depending on its size, which ranges from 30ml to 1 litre – it is fitted with a gusset to enable it to stand upright.

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