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Interview I Marc Beltrami from VPI talks about the challenging spray cap on perfume Phantom, Paco Rabanne

Introduction: Marc Beltrami, sales manager at VPI talks to us about VPI’s new innovation, a challenging connected spray cap for perfume Phantom by Paco Rabanne.

How is your solution a real innovation?

The solution provided by VPI (Faiveley Plast Beauty) has two innovations.

  • The first: we have studied a refill version. This is the first spray cap that is refillable. The VPI and Paco Rabanne teams worked closely together to design a system that can be taken apart and reassembled without affecting the functioning of the mechanism and that can guarantee perfect solidity and product life.
  • The second innovation is the connectivity, which integrates a chip in a small space.

What were the challenges you faced in creating this connected spray cap?

We had a real challenge from Paco Rabanne and together we took up the challenge,” explains Marc Baltrami, VPI Sales Director. We had to work and find a perfect solution so that this connectivity could also be compatible with the surface treatments used. The communication between the phone and the chip works perfectly.

How did the collaboration with the brand (Puig Group) go for the brief, the development, etc. for this innovation?

We worked together for many months in a very constructive way. The result of this collaboration with the Paco Rabanne teams was the unveiling of an innovative system and the first connected and refillable fragrance with PHANTOM. We are very proud of this launch.

Does this achievement offer you other opportunities in fragrances, cosmetics or products in other markets?

Yes, but it is too early to say. We have projects under consideration!

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