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Design Case Study | Backbar Studios showcases colourful pack for Knockout Brewing Craft Beer

Backbar Studios has created this amazing Knockout Brewing Craft Beer for Knockout Brewery. Discover the inspiration behind this stunning project in our exclusive case study below.

Knockout Brewery tasked us to bring a refreshed brand and design ethos which genuinely aspires to be different.

This is where the art of brewing was born.

We commissioned an experienced abstract artist at the top of her game to craft three bespoke canvasses for the brewery’s three top-selling beers. Each artwork as unique as each of the beers they underpin. As with every masterpiece we started with a blank canvass, our simple white cans, onto which we exploded the colours and hues of each beer style.

The art celebrates Knockout’s unending pursuit of handcrafted brews, the highest quality liquids and its constant innovation across new styles, ingredients and finishes.

Knockout now stands apart as one of the most exciting breweries in Ireland and their un-ending pursuit of perfection and passion is reflected in the modern masterpieces that adorn the packaging. Coupled with a reinvented logo the beers stand proudly on the shelf, as well as the test of time. 

–           Product: Knockout Brewing Craft Beer
–           Brand owner: Knockout Brewing Belfast
–           Design agency: Backbar Studios
–           Launch date: June 2021
–           Launch country: Northern Ireland
–           Pack manufacturers: NA

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