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Premium wine labels: the trends to watch

Luxe Packaging Insight look at the latest trends in the rich domain of luxury wine labels.

Golden touch

Gold – which is an undeniable symbol of luxury – appears to be very popular amongst wine labels.

Golden touch on wine

Storytelling & arty variations

Labels are diverging from the original look and feel and are offering new territories of expression – whether minimalist or richly worked, it’s a space to take the consumer on a journey by telling a story.  

Formats & cut-outs

Labels can tell different stories by its dimensions and some are working to drastically redesign its contours.

Material effects

Embossed or stamped fine paper, often with tactile varnish screams luxury. Paper can also be associated with third party materials – raw or hot-stamped wood, and embossed metals either lacquered or hand-patinated.

Material effects on wine

Read the full article at Luxe Packaging Insight to view some great examples of wine labels done right through a new creative route.

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