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Video | Bridging the Gap – Respecting technical scope without sacrificing brand design vision

Pete Hayes, co-founder and managing partner of brand design agency PB Creative, shares the journey with AXE for Unilever and how brand design vision doesn’t have to be sacrificed at the hands of technical constraints.

AXE (or otherwise known at LYNX) is a well-known deodorant and body wash brand across the world. Known for its iconic ‘tongue and cheek’ adverts, the expectations of the brand started to evolve.. and that’s where PB Creative came in.

PB creative went on a journey to discover and deliver something more tangible, relevant, purposeful and aspirational to the consumer – something modern and more of its time.

Watch the video to discover:

  • How PB creative tackled the global inconsistency of how AXE are projected around the world
  • How AXE formed global strategic partnerships – from famous boxers and DJs, to celebrating pride – to gain momentum with the foundation of credibility
  • The idea behind the iconic Africa and Marmite spray: How evocative collisions challenged the brand to break the mould and move forward as an innovator
  • How using expression through street art, and bringing that graphically to a pack, really brought to life what the brand stands for

… and so much more!

Watch the full video below!

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