Focus on... The most popular Instagram posts of May at @ADFPCDPLD - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Focus on… The most popular Instagram posts of May at @ADFPCDPLD

Lets look at some of our favourite Instagram posts from May. These striking designs and packs are all thanks to the brands and designers and their incredible work. We’re looking forward to sharing more packs with you next month! Watch this space.
We picked this perfect pack for #WorldBeeDay on the 2oth of May! @guerlain’s iconic Bee Bottle first landed in 1853, and bees have continued to inspire Guerlain with the same infinite passion that galvanized Guerlain’s founder.

The Aqua Allegoria collection, inspired by the wonders of nature, evokes a magical Beeloved garden; a tribute to the colours, textures and perfumes of nature. Glassmakers Pochet & du Courval created this bottle adorned with his majesty’s coat of arms, bees and a festoon pattern inspired by the Place Vendôme column.

Polish glass decorations company @dekorglass has shaped this cheerful pack for the Yinglong and Shenlong gin.

The Boss bottle draws the best of the classics and also catches the eye with its beautiful thick bottom. The light softly penetrates through its shoulders to cast a glow on the richly set table.


‘Nefer’ – a word in the Ancient Egyptian language used to symbolise beauty and goodness translates to ‘beautiful on the inside and on the outside’ in English.

The 3D printed gold titanium perfume bottle design is derived from the curved lines of a female figure and the luxurious and identifiable box is finished with elegant gold metal typography. A true depiction of when art, technology and design are combined together to create an extraordinary pack.
Designers: @iambelekhbizi & @amritect

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