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Design Case Study | Porlan Design incorporate cartoon, movie and comic book characters on its cans

Design agency Porlan Design has created these striking packs featuring popular cartoon, movie and comic book characters. We spoke to Aaron Porland on how he came up withthe concept and design to evoke emotions such as suspense, action and romance. 

Tell us a bit about the brand – its heritage, its story and its markets – and the brief for this project.

The brand is part of a personal concept-branding exercise. Packaging can be seen as a collectable item in its own right and this in turn has the potential to drive sales. Designs incorporating cartoon, movie and comic book characters have been particularly popular in recent years and that’s no surprise. We are after all, a movie-worshipping culture and love to be entertained. Using movie or comic book characters on your packaging can instantly evoke suspense, action, romance or other strong emotions in consumers simply by association.

How does the design express the brand’s values? What inspired the design?

I’m a self-confessed fan of the comic books and these limited-edition Marvel design concepts pay homage to the classic characters Ironman, Captain America and the Avengers. I thought about what would happen, or how I would interpret these superheroes if they were transformed into a simple cylindrical shape like a beverage can, and how I could make them eye-catching and instantly recognizable.

What is innovative or unusual about the pack?

In the digital age we’re now in, packaging needs to function both in-store and on-screen. Increasingly, brands also see packaging as something that has to work not only in these spaces but also as a prominent vehicle for digital marketing. Packaging is therefore being designed with social shares and vlogging in mind and these Marvel cans are no exception.

What technical challenges did you need to overcome to manufacture this pack?

Printing is crucial to the project’s success. It’s so important that colours are bright, eye-catching and, at a glance, can be immediately associated with our superheroes. It’s vital to the creation of a believable synthesis between the visual impact of the superhero and the limitations of the can.

What reactions have you had from consumers?

The truth is that right from the very beginning I’ve had a host of people asking me where they could acquire them, and that leads me to believe that the exercise has been a success, which, of course, is always a satisfying feeling.


Brand owner: Porlan Design

Design agency: Porlan Design

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