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Finding the right tone – colours and inks in packaging

Up to 85% of customers’ first impressions of a product on supermarket shelves are based on colour alone, according to the Institute of Colour Research. Elisabeth Skoda from Packaging Europe takes a close look at colours in an e-commerce context and the sustainability demands and challenges that need to be overcome for a pack to perfume well.

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How to avoid expensive mistakes

When it comes to branding and brand identity, colour has an essential role to play. Failure to recognise this and ignoring in-depth analysis of the colour management process can be costly.

Colour in an omnichannel world

As consumers are increasingly turning to digital, and the competitor landscape is intensifying, packaging has to work hard to grab consumers’ attention not just on the shelf but also on screen too.

The substrate challenge

The challenge of colour consistency comes from the major features when it comes to packaging printing and the substrates used – from papers to boards, to films to foils.

…and more including chemical substance restrictions and sustainability and performance! 

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