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19 & 20 January 2022 | Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

The French Aerosol Committee analyse the industry’s activity in 2020

With a rollercoaster of a year due to the health crisis, the CFA noted a 5.9% decline in aerosol generator volume across all segments, with 647 million units produced in France versus 688 million units in 2019.

Two segments are down, says the CFA: Body Care with -8.4%, and Home Care with -5.4%.

However, the CFA draws attention to the fact that significant increases are to be noted in these two categories:

  • Body care: Aerosol dispensers classified under “Other Toiletries” which includes hydroalcoholic gels (+194%)
  • Home care: Air fresheners (+11%) and insecticides (+4.1%).
    Disinfectant products, which are included in the “Other Household Products” segment have increased significantly by 215%.

In more detail, in the body care category, deodorants and antiperspirants (-23%), hair mousses and hairsprays (-17%), shaving foams and gels (-3%) are down, most likely due to confinement, while the category of sun care products, mists, dry shampoos and products alike, have increased by 20%, which can be explained by the hot spring and summer months.

In the home care category, it is no surprise that air fresheners (+11%) are up, but also insecticides and horticultural products, with an increase of 4.1%. On the other hand, the category Carpet/textile care, furniture products, oven cleaners, bathroom and kitchen cleaners, leather and shoe care products and other household products and Shoes and Other Household Products decreased by 36%.

In the category Other, automobiles and bicycles, paints and varnishes, both industrial and technical showed a slight decline of 3.1%. Products in the pharmacy and veterinary segment also fell by 1.9%. On the other hand, the CFA observed a clear increase of 106% in the food and miscellaneous segment.

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