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19 & 20 January 2022 | Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

Dashboard I Paper bottles and packaging

We are pleased to share dynamics and trends on paper Bottles & Packaging.

The pressure to substitute petrochemicals plastics in packaging is creating an unprecedent momentum for paper based packaging solutions.

These last months have been very active as we could identify more 17k articles and posts in the web and social media in three months only.

We highlighted three top buzz since July 2020. The first one was the unexpected Johnnie Walker paper bottle launch, followed by Coca-Cola announcing its first paper bottle packaging tests in the market and finally Innisfree being accuse of “green washing” by consumers for selling a core plastic bottle in a paper shell while claiming “Hello I’m a paper bottle”.

Discover more fascinating stories and unique analytics by navigating into the different sections of the dashboards.

Good exploration!

What are the main themes?

Who is acting and communicating?

What are the sentiments?

What are the sentiments per brands?

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