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19 & 20 January 2022 | Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

Exhibitor Case Study | Looking into the future of packaging innovation with Leca Graphics

Leca Graphics started up in 1966 and it is the Grupo Lantero division specialising in compact and folding cardboard boxes. They have five production sites: four in Spain and one in Morocco.  Over this period of  55 years they have evolved and accrued extensive know-how that enables them to develop boxes and cases with a high degree of complexity in terms of finishes, materials and structural design, and with a focus on sustainability and innovation.

Why did you choose to exhibit at ADF&PCD and PLD and how does it help develop your business?

ADF&PCD and PLD is a key focal point for the whole of the packaging value chain. For us it is the ideal venue to find out all the latest trends and innovations as well as the needs and requirements of brands and consumers.  It offers us the possibility of showcasing our business and embarking on new projects.

What are you most excited about for the 2022 event in January? Are you presenting/ launching anything at the show?

Our main aim is to meet up with our current and potential customers whom we encourage to attend and to visit us at our stands. We also see it as a chance for exchanging knowledge and an opportunity to forge cooperation’s with suppliers, brands and other key players in the industry. At the 2022 event we will also be presenting our sustainable solutions for secondary cardboard packaging.

What innovation trends do you think we can expect to see in the packaging industry in the next 12 months?

Trends will mainly focus on sustainability: changes or reduction of materials, recyclability, reusable packaging, etc… as well as innovations in which packaging transitions from being a passive object to a connected one (smart packaging).

The customer profile is ever-changing (e.g. people are more likely to buy products that are environmentally friendly). How do you think the customer profile will evolve through time? And how important is it to evaluate your current customer?

An interesting change we have observed is that of the end customer, who has taken on increasing relevance and is more aware of their choices. This means that it is very important to be on the same wavelength as customers and involve them in decisions, including those referring to packaging. This is the only way to guarantee that the product we create is 100% in line with their needs.

What do you see as the key challenges for your sector during the Covid-19 pandemic?

This health, economic and social crisis has accelerated certain trends such as those relating to sustainability and adapting formats to e-commerce. In our industry this has been a year of uncertainty and one in which we have had to adapt to the rapid changes the market has demanded: shorter production runs and less leeway with delivery times.

 What are you most looking forward to this year?

Mainly, we are looking forward to the virus being overcome, to return to what we previously considered to be the “normal situation” so that we can meet with our customers and partners to embark upon interesting projects!

Interview with Pascal Moret, CEO of Leca Graphics

Connect with Leca Graphics:

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