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Silent Pool Distillers has released ‘World’s first’ gin in a paper bottle

To celebrate Earth Day this year Silent Pool Distillers has released what it claims is “the world’s first commercially available” gin in a paper bottle – Green Man Woodland Gin.

The distiller has faced waste and production challenges in the drinks industry. Silent Poll Distillers is working with Frugalpac to develop sustainable packaging made from at least 90% recycled paper.

This packaging perfectly represents ‘The Green Man’ designers have really captured the essence of rebirth and growth.

Director of Silent Pool Distillers, Ian McCulloch, said: “Other spirits brands have spoken about using paperboard bottles for a while. However, when you scratch the surface, you realise that they’re quite far away from making that a reality. We wanted to make a real difference right now.”

This article includes:

  1. UK gorvernments plans to go carbon-neutral
  2. Flavour and details about the Green Man Woodland Gin
  3. Silent Pool Distillers first eco-venture

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