Focus on... The most popular Instagram posts of March at @ADFPCDPLD - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Focus on… The most popular Instagram posts of March at @ADFPCDPLD

Lets look at some of our favourite Instagram posts from March. These striking designs and packs are all thanks to the brands and designers and their incredible work. We’re looking forward to sharing more packs with you next month! Watch this space.

Branding agency @kingdomandsparrow has created the brand strategy, brand identity and packaging design for Juniperl.

The hangover free ‘G&T’: a non-alcoholic spirit for health-conscious millennials. The label for the @juniperldrinks brand is accentuated by tactile finishing. It elevates engagement and the premium feel but works with the design to keep the brand accessible. “The team at Kingdom & Sparrow completely got our brief and created the most amazing brand for us. Their ideas were so creative and different, and they’ve really made our brand stand out against others. We enjoyed the whole process and absolutely loved working with them” says Rebecca, Founder & Director at Juniperl.

Packaging, branding and animation agency @lyonandlyon and @m1tchellb, has created its beautiful haircare concept Fabricá.

According to the agency “the hair type is reflected on the bottle itself with either thick lines or thin lines”. The packaging concept is very clever and unique – the cool colour tones work well with the pack identity.

@wedgestudio has created these gorgeous custom design bottles for @menaud.chx spirits.

According to @wedgestudio “we designed the custom bottle first as an object of desire to keep long after the last drop, where the iconic shape and distinct colour would stand different on the shelf among a clear category”. This spirits bottle is simple but uniquely beautiful, with all the attributes of the design working well together to give this pack a top, luxury feel.

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