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Focus On | Sampling Innovations Europe, S.L. has invested 1.2 million Euros in 2020 for new packaging technology and expansion of facilities.


The high production line for the filling of “Easy Dose” is a machine concept develped by the company V-shape. This design for single-dose innovation certainly stands out with its efficient one hand opening system. The effective system consists of folding the flat dose in half to accurately dispense the product into the desired area of use. Sampling Innovations will specifically focus on dosages between 0.5 and 5ml. This single dose sample perfectly compliments the traditional sampling of sachets and tubes and is intended for selective cosmetic treatment products, skin care and other applications such as sunscreens, creamy make-up, body oils or moisturising products.

As part of the program for investment in more sustainable products, a filling line has been incorporated for doypacks with or without a cap in a medium format (from 50 to 300 ml). This line is intended to meet the great demand for refill products in the personal care sector. The company is gradually seeking to refill the PET bottle initially purchased with a doypack refill or a doypack that directly replaces the PET bottle when possible, thus saving up to 40% of PET in the container.


Thanks to the latest expansion at our plant in Sabadell (Barcelona), Sampling Innovations Europe now has an impressive 4,500m2 area of facilities. These extra metres have effectively allowed us to expand the production and packaging area, now having 12 packaging lines for single dose solutions. This expansion has enabled the creation of a new labatory, which is designed for the analytical and stability control of samples. The Quality department is currently studying new materials to help innovate a range of more sustainable packaging. Importantly, this will contribute to the validation of mono materials that offer the necessary protection of our customers’ products, and, at the same time, be recyclable in some cases.

Jordi Calduch, CEO, Sampling Innovations

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