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Focus On | Distinctive packaging and innovative design – Vimer

Vimer is a family-owned business at the forefront of printing, with an impressive and modern park of printing machinery the oldest of which dates 2010. With distinctive packaging and innovative design, we deliver award-winning solutions for some of the world’s most prominent brands.  We design and manufacture impactful, modern packaging solutions for brands in the Fragrance, Cosmetic, Medical Aesthetic and Confectionery market.

We love a challenge and our relationship with our customers is based on trust and partnership.

Analyses of trends and finding solutions for our customers is synonymous with Vimer srl.

  • Sustainability has been quite prominent in the last few years and is dominating the conversation around packaging. There is an increasing demand for certified raw materials, vegetable origin inks and water- based varnishes, for Eco friendly finishes as transfer or ECO-Silver, PLA and many others. Changes are driven by a more conscious approach towards the protection of our planet and the respect for future generations.  Vimer can offer sustainable packaging. All our production is based in-house, and we have total control of the productive process with a sustainable approach thanks to our modern and efficient machinery, we produce 650MW thanks to solar panels installed on our roof. All our board waste is recycled.


  • Connected packaging, another innovative trend, the customer wants more and more to be part of the packaging experience, wants to be connected and wants to engage with the brand. Request for Q-R CODES, NFC and RFID is more important than ever. Changes are driven by the needs for a connection of the brand owner with the consumer, lately quite away from the shop floor. Innovation is driven by the new generations whose shopping experience differs from the traditional one and is mostly based on the social media and the use of the smartphone. The greater the engagement the higher the loyalty to the brand. Vimer can offer all of the above, including digital fingerprinting of the cartons to assure track and trace and anticounterfeiting.


  • E-commerce packaging capable of generating more growth from shopping online, designed to give to the consumers at home the same WOW factor usually experienced in the retail experience, lately missing. Vimer can support its clients during the development of the above packaging projects.

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