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Five actions to bring luxury packaging into the circular economy

Today, designing eco-responsible packaging means thinking first and foremost about its integration into the circular economy. Thanks to its relatively short lifespan, packaging has the power to feed a more virtuous loop where the material regenerates to benefit the manufacture of products in various sectors (automotive, textiles, furniture, etc.).

New laws and voluntary commitments, such as abolishing single-use plastic packaging by 2040 and aiming for 100% recyclable packaging by 2025, activate innovation of new materials and textures, the major brands are using the circularity of packaging as a real competitive lever.

In the world of luxury brands, how can these new initiatives the aesthetic codes of packaging so that it can continue to exercise its power of interaction with the user whilst also limiting its environmental impact?

Here are five actions to be implemented to bring the packaging of your luxury products into this circular dynamic that benefits everyone.

  • Distribute energy by acting on the life cycle of the container/content pair
  • Source materials from renewable resources…quickly!
  • Combine design and engineering to adapt the product to new living conditions.
  • Design the product to prepare it for its new life.
  • Reinvent the product system to significantly downsize its environmental footprint.

Anne Laure Bulliffon



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