Thank you for 10k followers.. Check out some of our favourite posts from February on @ADFPCDPLD - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Thank you for 10k followers.. Check out some of our favourite posts from February on @ADFPCDPLD

The ADF&PCD and PLD Instagram account has hit 10,000 followers! If you’re not following us already, make sure you give us a follow for your daily dose of luxury packaging. To celebrate this milestone, we have put together some of our favourite posts from February that helped us reach that 10k. Once again, thanks again to the amazing designers and brands for providing us with the continuous inspiration!

Branding & packaging design agency @strangerandstranger has created the branding and spirits packaging for @dadachapel Belgium distillery.

The design brings a unique, fun and bright element to it with the paper wrap adding a luxury feel. @strangerandstranger’s motto is ‘Don’t fit in, Stand out’ – and this pack pays tribute to that perfectly.

Packaging design agency @designenergy has a created wine brand Helen & Joey that suits the Chinese market.

“These wines needed to be visually strong with limited typography to reduce the language barrier”. “The unicorn symbol is synonymous with the winery branding and by adding Australian flora and visual tasting notes, we have created a visual story with a sense of place”.

Design agency @butterflycannon has celebrated the new year of good fortune with its latest collaboration for @johnniewalker Blue Label.

According to the agency, “the Year of the Ox symbolises prosperity and growth. Represented through an original art piece by Chinese artist Shirley Gong at the heart of our design that wraps around the iconic @johnniewalker Blue Label bottle”. “The concept delivers brilliantly on our key message of the rarity and extraordinary quality credentials of Johnnie Walker Blue Label. The stunning design communicates this on pack in a way that speaks our target consumers’ language, whilst achieving great on-shelf standout and luxury craft cues,” adds Jeremy Lindley, Global Design Director of @Diageo.

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