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22 & 23 June 2021 | Paris Expo Porte de Versailles

Dashboard I Refillable and reusable packaging

Explore the key trends, news and numbers in refillable and reusable packaging in the first of an exclusive new series produced in partnership with research platform Intpact.

Brands across the world are turning to refillable and reusable packaging solutions as part of their efforts to improve the sustainability performance of their products and packaging; But is refillable and reusable packaging the right solution for the future.

Our research shows that while initiatives are mushrooming at cosmetic brands, nongovernmental organisations are also intensifying their communication on the topic and, of course, linking reusable packaging projects to the wider objective of reducing single-use plastics.  

So are refillables and reusables the right solution for your brand? Make up your own mind with Intpact’s dashboard on refillable and reusables, created exclusively for the ADF&PCD and PLD community; The dashboard is available until the end of February and highlights the main trends in the sector, the key influencers, what is being said, where it’s happening and much more. The platform gives you exclusive access to unique analytics and dashboards generated from more than 6,000 documents (in English) captured during the last three months by scanning in real-time more than 150m media sources worldwide.


This article has been produced exclusively for ADF&PCD and PLD by Intpact, who help innovative industrial companies to protect and grow competitive advantage by early detection of critical threats and growth opportunities.
For more information visit www.intpact.com

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