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Design Case Study | Chad Michael Studio X Cabernet Sauvignon

Design agency Chad Michael Studio has created this redesign for their new brand PIUS. Read on to discover the story behind the design, the innovative aspects, and technical challenges they have overcome.


The client came to the studio for us to develop and design their first offering of their new brand PIUS. The client only had a name and liquid which is all we needed. PIUS is a latin word which means “dutiful” and is most often used in a religious context. In short, being pious is to have a deep belief in something and allowing that belief to manifest itself physically through words or actions. Thus the brand and first label offering is built around non-specific religious iconography, color and the simple idea that this is wine is “crafted faithfully with high devotion”. 

Brand values and Inspiration of design:

The main label illustration is inspired by fresco paintings most often found in Orthodox churches. The illustration speaks to the brand’s devoted nature to quality and craft. The painting also tells the story of the precious nature of the wine and the combination of plant and soul that goes into creating it. The entire story unfolds among the terrain of Paso Robles.

What is innovative about the design?

An innovative aspect of this label is the use of a foil finishing method called ‘sandblasting’. This methods leaves the foiling with a textural grit. This finishing is accompanied by blind embossed type set above and below the top label. 

What technical challenges did you need to overcome to manufacture this pack?

One of the challenges with this print was nailing the vibrancy of the color. Because we selected a matte stock, the paper would eat up and desaturate the color. We solved this by applying a varnish to the illustration portion to bring back the richness.

A great reaction from customers!

The label design has been received tremendously well. The client tells us that the bottle often stops people in their tracks so they may explore the label. 


  • Cabernet Sauvignon 
  • PIUS Estates from Paso Robles, California
  • Chad Michael Studio
  • 1.1.2021
  • USA
  • Printed by Cellotape in Newark, CA on 70# Bright White Felt. Closure printed by Rivercap

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