Focus on... The most popular Instagram posts of January at @ADFPCDPLD - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Focus on… The most popular Instagram posts of January at @ADFPCDPLD

We’re rounding up January with some of our favourite Instagram posts. The top 3 packs we posted received a total of 1559 likes, with our top placed pack – Rye Whiskey – receiving a whopping 593 likes! These striking designs and packs are all thanks to the brands and designers and their incredible work. We’re looking forward to sharing more packs with you this month – including some very special Valentines themed ones! Watch this space.


Design agency @strangerandstranger has created the stunning packaging of a straight rye whiskey for @castleandkey Distillery.

According to the agency their motto is “Don’t fit in, stand out”, “Elements of the restored historic distillery adorn every touch point in this crafted range”.


Packaging design team @nano.alfonsin has created this simple, yet compelling indulgence pack for @Undurragawines Red Field Blend.

“Homenaje a las familias agricultoras pioneras que plantaron las primeras viñas en estos suelos”.
“Tribute to the pioneer farming families who planted the first vines on these soils”. This design stretches to bottle, paper wrap and wine box. A perfect trio that catches our attention!

Design agency @vv_luxurypackaging has worked with @myesens_official to create a range of perfumes celebrating the essence of a girl’s individuality.

According to the brand “all our products are 100% vegan, cruelty-free, paraben-free and dermatologically tested. Not to mention that every perfume has its own recyclable packaging”. Beautiful packaging that is good for the environment, what more could you want. A great design with a powerful message.


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