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Biotherm tests its first in-store refill technology

Biojtherm has tested its first in-store refill technology.

Biotherm joins the shortlist of beauty brands that are testing the refill stations of skincare and hygiene products in-store.

According to Biotherm “The Life Plankton Elixir Blue Fountain represents Biotherm’s obsession to constantly better our processes and improve our packaging and formula to minimize our environmental footprint, and more specifically our impact on water and aquatic life”.

To accomidate the cleanliness and hygiene regulations they have introduced a three step program:

1. Clean: Life Plankton Elixir’s glass bottle is cleaned with water and completely emptied of any residue. The bottle is then dried with filtered air before being sterilized with UV light.
2. Refill: The bottle is placed on the refill set and filled anew with Life Plankton Elixir serum from a rechargeable tank.
3. Customize: The bottle is custom-engraved with a wave motif, symbolizing its regeneration and indicating how many times the bottle has undergone the refill process.

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