Focus on... The most popular Instagram posts of January at @ADFPCDPLD - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Focus on… The most popular Instagram posts of January at @ADFPCDPLD

Happy New Year! We’re bringing in 2021 with a bang as we explore our top Instagram posts this month. This month, we have seen a whopping 2,373 likes across our Instagram posts, and it’s all thanks to the designers and brands and their incredible work.

Design agency @designbysimil has created this sophisticated new pack for @sairenrum.

According to the agency “the enchanting colour combinations represent the intriguing flavours of the liquid”. It is told that their songs were irresistible, exquisite sounds, luring mortals into enlightenment. SAIREN’s story is inspired by mythological tales of beautiful temptresses, with bewitching songs of heavenly pleasures.

Design agency @dandoprojects has brought to life this new pack for @dampfwerkdistilling for an American Single Malt whiskey bottle.

According to the @dampfwerkdistilling “this whiskey hones in on flavours of deep fruit, chocolate, toffee, and caramel notes”.
This is portrayed perfectly through the packaging, with the deep-toned bottle complementing the flavours of the whiskey.

Design agency @intertypestudio have released a new concept for Hermès Libérée.

According to the agency “the name ‘Libérée’ meaning ‘freed’, ‘unfettered’ or ‘released’ uses an additional ‘e’ to form the feminine version of the French word”.

“The horse shoe inspired bottle structure holds a precious droplet of the fragrance and is suggestive of a beautifully made bag charm. The closure reflects the brand’s outstanding leather craftsmanship, whilst the brand name is debossed into the side like a hallmark”. Naming, concept, bottle structure and design by Intertype studio.

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