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Video | ‘Most cosmetic packaging is not single-use’; Hélène Orliac, FEBEA

ADF&PCD and PLD Paris talks exclusively to Hélène Orliac, Head of Environment, Economy and International Regulation at FEBEA about the circular economy law for packaging.

Key takeaways from this exclusive interview (in French) include:

An overview of future environmental regulations including the Anti-waste and Circular Economy Law in France, and the European Green pact; a regulatory framework to speed up the ecological transition of packaging.

Discussion around cosmetic packaging and if they’re all considered as single-use packaging. Hélène argues, with some interesting examples, the idea that the majority of cosmetic packaging is in fact, not single-use.

If the elimination of single-use plastic packaging is achievable, and what some of the challenges we could face along the way. It’s not a problem of getting it done in time, but a question of the strategy, the vision, and the objective. Does this mean eliminating shampoos for the most part? Does this mean investing more on testing, recycling channels, and finding different functionalities?

To eliminate plastic packaging, there will need to be a great deal of investment in research, ensuring it conforms to aesthetic standard, brand quality and more!    

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