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Henkel joins The Climate Pledge by Amazon and Global Optimism

In efforts to boost its sustainability credentials, Henkel has joined The Climate Change Pledge, an international cross-industry commitment co-founded by Amazon and Global Optimism.

Henkel promises to achieve net-zero annual carbon emissions ten years ahead of the 2050 target set by the UN Paris agreement. This is in line with the company’s long-term target to become a climate positive company by 2040.

“Climate change is a global challenge, which requires our collective action. At Henkel, we want to make a positive contribution to protecting the climate. Together with Amazon, Global Optimism and the other signatories, we are fully committed to drive tangible progress and jointly take action to limit global warming.” said Henkel CEO Carsten Knobel.

To continue its development with sustainability, Henkel is focusing on collaboration along the value chain. Henkel has been working closely with Amazon to promote sustainable innovation – such as customer experience through new and sustainable packaging.

Read more from Henkel about:

  • The Climate Pledge and its aims and commitments
  • Henkels sustainability strategy, performance and progress including reducing carbon footprint, using renewable resources and leveraging brands and technologies to help customer save tonnes of CO2

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