Focus on... The most popular Instagram posts in October at @ADFPCDPLD - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Focus on… The most popular Instagram posts in October at @ADFPCDPLD

Take a look with us at our top three most liked Instagram posts from the past four weeks, measured in likes. Including some well deserved appreciation for the designers and brands.

Chinese Botanical Dry Gin Range created by design company Bourke.Co.
Design agency have created this new spectacular pack for Gin Distillery for its Chinese Botanical Dry Gin range. According to the design agency “The Red-Crown Crane on the label is a significant animal in Chinese culture and mythology to represent longevity”. “The crane was used as an icon on the label to symbolise the long-term success of the brand and the drink itself”.


Ferrdan Cognac bottle created by design company Stanger and Stranger.

Design agency @strangerandstranger have created this striking new pack for Ferrand Cognac Légendaire. The agency say that the design reflects “the mystique of the legendary Ferrand Manor House – a world full of wonder”. The embroidery of this bottle is extremely delicate and tells a story.


Seven Crofts Fisherman’s Strength Gin created by design company D8.

Design agency has created this pack for @highlandliquorcompany ‘s Seven Crofts Fisherman’s strength gin. According to the agency they used “the same custom glass ginever bottle created for their classic dry gin, the blue references Ullapool’s links to the sea”. This cut-through product presents an elegant blue gradient giving the bottle a fun, fresh look and transports us straight to the beach!

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