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Seeing single: How can monomaterial packaging help your brand be greener?

With today’s beauty consumer more environmentally conscious than ever, discovering recyclable, reusable and sustainable packaging is no longer a luxury, but a necessity for cosmetic and personal care brands to be successful.

In our increasingly eco-conscious climate, the beauty industry are continuously seeking out packaging that can be easily recycled – this is where monomaterial packaging offers a huge benefit.

Traditionally, beauty packs consist of a range of different materials, but as the name suggests, using just one material, is a progressively appealing option for brands.

Sera Kinoyan, Sustainability Manager and monomaterial expert at packaging company Asquan, explains: “We are currently seeing a trend towards monomaterial packaging because a monomaterial design allows for easy sorting of the packaging for recycling without the need for disassembly.”

Monomaterial packaging is a popular ‘shortcut’ to sustainability however it doesn’t come without challenges.

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  • “Recyclability doesn’t automatically equal recycling”. What are the challenges we face in the recycling industry?
  • Is monomaterial packaging the only answer to a sustainable beauty industry?

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