Exhibitor Case Study | Spotlight on Pinard Beauty Pack & LABLABO - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Exhibitor Case Study | Spotlight on Pinard Beauty Pack & LABLABO

In the lead up to ADF&PCD and PLD Paris 2021, we’re speaking to a number of previous exhibitors who will also be joining us at next year’s show. Milena Lejosne from Pinard Beauty Pack & LABLABO speaks to us about what they’re most looking forward to at next year’s show, the best tips to get the most out of the show, and more.

Why did you choose to exhibit at ADF&PCD and PLD?

We have been exhibiting at PCD for several years now. This is a very important show for us. It is extremely packaging orientated for the cosmetics sector and it therefore fits perfectly with our industry. What’s more, this show is located in Paris – which recognises the “Made in France” ideology and the local economy.

How has exhibiting help grow your business in 2020?

Exhibiting at this show allowed us to meet our existing customers, organise meetings, and present new products and innovations. We meet loads of new prospects, which allows us to create long-term stable customer relationships.

What are your highlights from the event?

The highlights of the show are: it’s located in Paris, there’s loads of key industry players, prospects and customers you can meet, a great crowd, and a great diversity of conferences such as the EcoTour.

What are you most excited about for next year’s event?

Being able to present our new products and innovations, whilst respecting the health and safety rules in force to ensure the safety of everyone. Also, to strengthen our partnership with LABLABO (the exhibition stands will be in front of each other) and to strengthen our position, image, and identity in the market.

What are you presenting or launching at the show next year ?

We’ve developed several specific bottles that we would like to present at the show: 3 Guerlain bottles, an Aesop bottle, and a bottle of Clarins. We have also developed a new 20/140 ring cap, as well as a new capacity in our FOAMER range (100ml).

Having obtained ISCC PLUS certification on circular and renewable materials in September, we will be able to present our PEHD and PP certified circular materials.

What are your top tips to make the best out of your time at the event?

Managing everything post-show is just as important as the show itself. The responsiveness and availability of your teams are very important elements to establish and define a new customer relationship.

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Find out more about exhibiting at ADF&PCD and PLD Paris 2021 here.

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