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Design case study | Anin Skincare by YUNGBLD

Laura Miller, founder of Florida-based design studio YUNGBLD, discusses her studio’s colourful design for medical skincare start-up Anin Skincare.

Tell us a bit about the brand – its heritage, its story and its markets – and the brief for this project.

Anin is a new skincare startup which provides medical grade skincare products. This means that the products will be prescribed by staff medical doctors to the client on an individual basis. A true doctor-patient relationship. The founder of Anin came to us as a medical professional who was simply tired of the cold and clinical way that skincare medicine is delivered to the consumer. 

We took inspiration from fashion, art, furniture and music to deliver a brand, and all of its assets, to defy the conventional view on the aesthetics of medical products. YUNGBLD created and/or provided Art Direction, Brand Identity, Print Collateral, Brand Voice, Product Design, Industrial Design, Packaging, and 3D Rendering for this project so far.

How does the design express the brand’s values? What inspired the design?

The packaging for Anin is intended to physically represent the brand’s integrity and thoughtfulness. Aesthetically we pushed for clean, warm and inviting. This aligns itself with the nature of skincare as a practice. We incorporated utilitarian elements to accommodate travel, storage, and convenience of use. The geometry and materials selections were inspired, namely, by sculpture and furniture.

What is innovative or unusual about the pack?

The unique elements of this packaging suite centre on travel and storage. The products themselves were designed and intended to be used together in a routine. We needed to design a multifaceted container system which would allow the client to travel with the products, display the products, store the products, and ultimately use the products in way that is not only convenient and useful, but aesthetically pleasing.

What technical challenges did you need to overcome to manufacture this pack?

We are at the beginning stages of the manufacturing process. As a design and creative studio we are always pushing ourselves to think outside the box and to develop successful brands and products for our clients. We have the unique opportunity with Anin to create packaging for a product and a company that we believe in, and who has the same core values and environmental concerns.

Both Anin and YUNGBLD have committed to using a combination of recycled plastics and bioplastics for our packaging materials. Beyond the challenge of designing containers that we hope the consumer will keep and reuse indefinitely, exploring bioplastics seems to be our largest challenge at the moment. True bioplastics seem to have many unique possibilities, limits, and challenge.


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