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February’s best new pack designs in perfume, drinks and aerosols

Discover our selection of the four best new designs in beauty, drinks and aerosol packs featured on the ADF&PCD and PLD Instagram feed in the past month.


Amplify by Elmwood Leeds / Sophie Abbott

Amplify – an invitation to play, to explore and amplify your experience. No alcohol to dull your senses.

Influenced by the drink’s delicate flavours, artist Sophie Abbott created a bespoke piece of art that adds energy, excitement and attitude to the bottle. The rich colours also give flavour clues in an abstract, premium and engaging way.



Anima Mundi by Andrea Castelletti

The ‘Anima Mundi’ (world soul) is an intrinsic connection between all living things on the planet, which relates to the world in the same way as the soul is connected to the human body.
The branding on the label, follows the Desirable Difficult approach that combines psychological theories and design principles to significantly increase the difficulty in reading and therefore increase memorization of the brand.


Untold Rum by The Edison Agency

Crafted by up-and-coming mixologists and expert distillers, Untold Rum is for modern day drinkers searching for new taste experiences.

The Untold name capture the sentiment that ones journey is not predetermined and that life is a blank canvas – stories not yet told.

THe design celebrates co-creation with designers, street artists, illustrators and bar tenders – an innovative approach that honours the cultural significance of urban bars and the craftsmanship of the ‘rum alchemist’.


Aveiro by Think Bold Studio 

Aveiro is a traditional liquor from the Portuguese city of Aveiro.

The premium yet traditional and authentic look is achieved by having the traditional Portuguese tiles picture in the background, the ornamented label shape and the stamping foil finishing.

The label is a stipe that goes from the front to the back and has an image printed in flexography on the inside that is visible from the front.


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