Cosmetic Business - What's new in beauty packaging for 2020? - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Cosmetic Business – What’s new in beauty packaging for 2020?

January saw cosmetic packaging novelties abound at ADF&PCD and PLD in Paris: so what are your need-to-know launches for 2020?

While 2020’s edition – which took place in Paris’ Port de Versailles expo centre from 29-30 January – saw the addition of a PLD event (standing for Packaging of Premium & Luxury Drinks) to proceedings, cosmetics packaging remained a key focal point for many of the 650 exhibitors, and this article will focus on trends dominating PCD.

Unsurprisingly, a driving theme linking launch activity at PCD booths was sustainability. But there are many shades of green, with some packaging options meeting one sustainable criterion and others meeting several, or incrementally advancing established methods. The onus, meanwhile, is on buyers to decide just how deep a green they want to go.

“Everyone now is aware of sustainability and most people want sustainable things,” Jennifer Barachet, Product Marketing Lead at Quadpack, told Cosmetics Business. “That said, not all of our clients want the most sustainable products, because they want sparkles, or they want a luxurious feel. So when we work on a new launch, the product must incorporate least one of our ‘four Rs’: replace, recycle, reuse and reduce.”

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