Beauty and drinks packs shine In Pentawards global design competition - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

Beauty and drinks packs shine In Pentawards global design competition

Beauty and drinks packaging were top of the class at last month’s Pentawards global packaging design awards in London. Here, we present our favourite winning packs from the beauty and drinks sectors.


Lind & Lime Gin by Contagious – Platinum Award

Lind & Lime Gin was the first spirit produced by Scottish Distillery Port of Leith. Designed by Contagious, the bespoke bottle was 2 years in the making and drew inspiration from the industrial buildings and old kilns that once dotted Leith’s shores.

Stonebrick by Established – Platinum Award

US- based agency, Established created the Stonebrick cosmetics brand for Korea’s largest retailer, Emart. According to the agency, the idea behing the line is to allow the customer to buy ‘a tailor-made set of cosmetics in a playful, fun and joyful way’. The brand is the first fully customizable makeup range with individual components magnetizing together to create custom collections. For example, individual eyeshadow bricks magnet onto a choice of base sizes allowing the consumer to create their choice of palette. Lipsticks and face products also magnet together in different combinations. 

Code 00, Yang Design – Gold Award

 Code 00 is a skincare range created to resonate with that generation. 00 deliberately looks like a pair of curious eyes or an infinite symbol. The idea of the design, by Yang Design in originates from liquid metal in a science fiction film, giving people a space to break through conventional imagination.

Westman Atelier by AVP Creative – Silver Award

Westman Atelier’s new line of cosmetic products was New York-based AVP Creative’s first venture launching product to market. AVP Creative believes luxury is “all in the detail”. From the deboss logo on the inside of the magnetic closure, to the matte finishes and mixed metals used to tie the line together, great care has been given to ensure this.

Perfeccionista by Roberto Núñez Studio – Platinum

Designed by Roberto Núñez, Perfeccionista is single-estate wine with packaging designed to connect emotionally with the consumer, representing the value of imperfection. The wine is limited edition with only 697 bottles made, each of them being unique as the wood from each case was broken up by hand and stamped with an individual number.

Bronze award – SK:LK by Shanghai Version Design Group

The core of SK:LK is precise skin care. The range has four products: facial cleanser, essential water, cream, essence. The shape of the bottle, designed by Shanghai Version Design Group, doesn’t have straight or sharp lines, avoiding unnecessary decorative elements and instead, has a curved surface design for expression and to make the shape softer and more concise.

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