60 seconds with... Ginger King, Grace Kingdom Beauty - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

60 seconds with… Ginger King, Grace Kingdom Beauty

Interview with Ginger King, President, Grace Kingdom Beauty

What is Grace Kingdom Beauty?

Ginger King: Grace Kingdom Beauty is a boutique consultancy focusing on product development from concept to counter or consumer. We do everything in the beauty space from concept, formulation, branding, manufacturing, packaging, and turnkey services.

What are the key strengths required in your role?

Ability to evaluate beauty products and able to translate the benefits of products with consumers in mind. I don’t just focus on features and benefits, it is the “so-what” that I focus on. Everyone can have a cream or lotion. Everyone can say the benefit is moisturizing but it’s the “so-what” that break you through the crowds. The unique selling point of the product makes all the differences.

What process do you go through for developing a new piece of packaging?

I work with the packaging house with ideas and concept and let the engineers tell you about feasibility. Packaging direction can come from customer’s desire or my suggestions based on product characteristics.

What are the obstacles or challenges when developing a new product?

Matching customer expectations. With clean beauty in full force, a lot of customer-selected benchmarks contain “un”clean ingredients. There is no one to one substitute so there should be a reasonable expectation on what is possible and not possible.

What would make the process easier?

Packaging always needs to be discussed before product formulation not the other way around so there is no wasting time developing a runny product for a jar or a thick product for a spray.

Where do you find inspiration?

FOOD. Arts, Magazines and of course attending business conferences and trade shows.

What are the outside trends or factors affecting your work?

CleanBeauty. Trendy ingredients. Made-in USA. Product to be used with devices.

Who do you see as the biggest influencers in your market? Who would you love to meet or hear from?

Obviously, YouTubers still have a place in beauty. Love to meet Patrick Starr.

Is sustainability an issue for your business?

Yes, people do care about the environment and the sustainability of raw materials. It’s a definite plus to be sustainable but it is not the kill-the-deal type of things.

Ginger will be appearing in a panel discussion on the Future of Beauty Packaging Live Theatre at ADF&PCD New York on Tuesday 17 September. The session entitled ‘Exploring New Smart Paths to Enhance Consumer Experience’ will cover the new expectations or growing needs, what trends do social media conversations reveal about the future of beauty packaging? Find out more here.

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