ADF&PCD and PLD teams with Imprim'Luxe at exclusive Paris dinner - ADF&PCD and PLD Paris

ADF&PCD and PLD teams with Imprim’Luxe at exclusive Paris dinner

ADF&PCD and Imprim’Luxe joined forces to organise a series of events and meetings throughout the year, which will enable top global brand owners and representatives to address industry challenges, as well as network with cross-industry peers and Imprim’Luxe members.

Imprim’Luxe, an association of major players in the packaging and printed communication sectors, aims to facilitate exchange between all stakeholders with regards to basic research, suppliers of graphic materials, printers and contractors.

The launch event organised by Imprim’Luxe in collaboration with ADF&PCD took place on 4th of July at the prestigious Automobile Club in Paris. The theme of the dinner-debate was focused on CSR and the future and challenges of print communication.  We’d like to give a special thanks to:

Catherine Dumas, Senator of Paris, who opened the evening with an opening speech on the ethics and values of sustainable development, all of which are topics Ms. Dumas is engaged in during Senate discussions on all sectors of luxury, crafts, gastronomy and printing.

Jean-François Legaret, Mayor of the 1st district of Paris, Regional Councilor of Île-de-France, spoke about how printers and cosmetic brands defend beautiful trades.

Thibaut de la Rivière, General Manager of the Superior Institute of Luxury Marketing “Sup de Luxe”, who spoke about the value of craftsmanship and the future of the printed communication industry, and moderated the panel discussion.

Cécile Lochard – Expert consultant luxury and sustainable development. Before joining the French Bureau, Ms. Lochard previously worked for WWF. She is currently an associate partner for fashion and luxury brands, to support brands and help them implement environmental and social development practices. She is the author of “Luxury and Sustainable Development: The New Alliance”.

Dominique CUVILLIER from “Captologue”, an expert able to seize the current trends of modern society and to draw strategic recommendations for companies in the luxury sectors. Mr. Cuvillier spoke about the luxury of experience, an unexpected trend adopted by top luxury brands including HERMÈS and APPLE, GUERLAIN and LE COQ SPORTIF or PIERRE HERMÉ and L’OCCITANE EN PROVENCE. His latest book “The Triumph of Cool Luxury”, published in March 2019, has been a great success.


We look forward to welcoming you our next ADF&PCD and Imprim’Luxe event!

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Alain Caradeuc (Co-Président Imprim’Luxe), Christelle Anya (Content & Community Director Easyfairs), Mrs Caradeuc, Olivier Mousson (President of the Company for the Encouragement of the National Industry), Dominique Cuvillier (Director at Cuvillier Consultant), Michel Guten (Former VP Cartier, VP of the Champs Elysées Committee), Katya Pellegrino (Owner & Chief Editor at Luxe Magazine), Thibaut de La Rivière (Managing Director at Sup de Luxe school), Jean-François Legaret (Mayor of the 1st district of Paris, Regional Councilor of Île-de-France), Pierre Ballet (President of Imprim’Luxe), Alain Quillet (Dep. CEO Paule KA, President of Committee of Montaigne).

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